Why do some monitors give me a headache?

Question: I just bought a new monitor for my computer and I swear it's giving me a headache...literally. I don't know if it's a bad monitor, or if it's because it's older. Should I take it back or is there something I can do?

Luckily this was an easy fix. The problem with old CRT style monitors is the default refresh rate (the rate at which a screen is updated) is set to 60 Hz. For many people this produces noticeable flicker, eyestrain, and even headaches. Adjusting your refresh rate to anything above 70 Hz generally is a much better experience.

To set the resolution on your monitor:
  • Start > Control Panel > Appearance and Themes > Display (or you can right click any blank area on your desktop, then choose properties)
  • Under the settings tab, click Advanced.
  • The new window that pops up will be different depending on your graphics card, but there should be a tab labled 'monitor'.
  • Make sure the box for 'Hide refresh rates my monitor cannot display' is checked off, then open the dropdown menu.
  • Select your desired refresh rate.

If by some chance you happen to choose a refresh rate that does not work with your computer, the screen will become fuzzy or blurry....don't panic. Just wait 15 seconds and your settings will be restored back to the original refresh rate. Once you find a setting that works, you will notice an immediate difference!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! There is this computer at the office that everyone avoids because of this. I changed it and it works great.